One Family. One Team

One Family – One Team: ?KODA Image Campaign

The ?KODA Company is a long-standing partner of the Ice Hockey World Championship, a sponsor of the Russian national ice hockey team, and the general partner of the Sochi Winter Olympics being a member of the Volkswagen Group. These factors are crucial for establishing the brand's image. In 2012, the decision was made to launch an image campaign focusing the audience’s attention on ?KODA sponsor activities.

While developing the strategy for the campaign, Adwise did its best to emphasize that the Olympic movement values and those of ?KODA are essentially the same. The communication platform was built upon the values of humanism, amicability, passion, friendship and pride in your own achievements: as perfectly put in the key message of the campaign, One Family – One Team.

The driver of the campaign was The Son of a Hockey Player TV commercial, introducing the son of Ilya Nikulin, the captain of the Russian ice hockey team. In this commercial we showed that the family of a sport star is like any other family. That big goals can be reached – not by a single person, but by a team, a huge family, where all of us – hockey players, fans and the ?KODA Company – are equals.

One Family – One Team is the only large-scale ?KODA image campaign fully developed and carried out in Russia. It applied all types of advertising media, including web-portal. Within the framework of this campaign, thousands of people in numerous Russian towns and cities took part in contests and table hockey tournaments before the Olympics. Many of them were invited to Sochi to see the Games with their own eyes.

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