In 2014, ?KODA Rapid, a spectacular representative of the new advanced design model range, makes its first appearance on the Russian market. When in addition to impressive exterior, your car features spacious interior, powerful motor, liftback and various smart solutions, you want to share your enthusiasm with everyone around.

This idea became the foundation for the communications platform developed by Adwise Agency. The key element of the campaign was the comic TV commercial named Excited. Its central character gets a little bit carried away while passionately telling people about the advantages of his new car.

Apart from the TV commercial, this large-scale ?KODA Rapid launch campaign included ads in the media, outdoor advertising and promotion in the Internet.

At its second, autumn stage, the campaign was extended by more outdoor advertising and promotion in the printed media. In spring, the central character and his family had amused us with their genuine excitement. Now, they and their car once again become the focus of attention.

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