Ice Battle

?KODA and Adwise Agency invite people in Sheremetyevo airport to take part in an interactive Ice Battle

            ?KODA is the official partner of the Russian national ice hockey team. Naturally, it is a matter to tell everyone about. That is why Sheremetyevo airport, one of the largest in the country, was justifiably chosen to host the Ice Battle.

            Adwise Agency put all its efforts in making people in the waiting space forget about their electronic gadgets, and invite them to take part in the Ice Battle. In order to accomplish this task, the Agency's team applied the unique complex Digital Out-of-Home technique: a special vending machine was designed to award the participants with brand prize pucks right on the spot. A team of designers, copyrighters, digital gurus and managers worked together to create this Kinect platform-based game from scratch. Enter the battle, win the prize puck, register your contact data and keep on fighting for the grand prize on the promo site.

            The visitors were enthusiastic to take part in the battle: 13,246 hockey matches were played, 778 participants won the souvenir pucks.

            Adwise Agency took on the whole huge scope of work, from obtaining the approvals of the airport management to co-ordinating the contractors and supporting the project at all of its stages. The project turned out to be quite a long-lasting one, but the Agency's team nevertheless managed to ensure flawless functioning of all the structural elements throughout the long life of the project.



The team:


Agency: Adwise

Acсount Director: Tatiana Chvokanova

Producer: Elena Egorova

Creative Director: Denis Koutylov

Creative Group Head: Dmitriy Yanin

Digital Team Leader: Timofey Vlasov

Copywriters: Marina Narizhnaya, Alexey Mikhaylov, Roman Serdyukov

Designers: Vladimir Kondrashov, Dmitriy Belousov



Head of Marketing: Luka? Honzak

ATL Team Leader: Pavel Kesado-Alonso

ATL Manager: Ilya Sheykhon

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