Aspirin Cardio

"Your feelings are alive as long as your heart beats". If this phrase is familiar to you, you must have already seen the Adwise Agency TV commercial for the Aspirin Cardio (Bayer Company product) that came out on the first day of the new year.

The idea to show objects breaking apart belonged to our Columbian colleagues. In the TV commercial developed by the Adwise Agency creative team it helped us to speak with the audience in a simple and easy-to-understand language. As it happens, in Russia men do not tend to take heart attack and stroke prevention seriously. In this case, our target audience differs from that in the West, namely, the women who are concerned with their husbands' cardiac health more deeply than the husbands themselves.

In our TV commercial, it was important to scare the viewers just a little by clearly showing the irreversible consequences of a heart attack and a stroke. This was accomplished by introducing the characters – the family members – and the appropriate visual metaphors. However, the atmosphere created by the director in the video and the happy ending made the Russian version very warm, sweet, the one to bring the family closer.

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