About Us

About Us

We create and launch 360 degrees advertising campaigns, from strategy and creative development to their implementation in production and media. We are young. That is why we work harder. We are wise. That is why we work better.

We Believe in

PERFECTIONISM. We can make it better: this is the motto we live and rapidly develop by. This is the principle that enables us to constantly re-evaluate our achievements and search for new opportunities and solutions, the principle that allows our company to compete successfully with leading international agencies.

PARTNERSHIP. We believe that an effective product can only be created in close collaboration with our customer. For us, being a partner is not synonymous to being submissive. It is our practice to dispute with our customers, discuss the solutions giving sound arguments for our point of view. And even if it causes much stress for us, the result always turns out to be worth the headache.

EFFECTIVENESS. We believe that the effectiveness of a campaign does not depend only from media performance. It begins with developing concepts and strategies, with having a non-standard approach to planning and a broad view of the communication to be performed. The efficiency principle also helps us to organize our business. Our agency has no unnecessary elements in its structure, and our employees are never a financial burden for the customers, as we form a team according to each project needs. We launch complex campaigns and responsibly manage them throughout their life with the help of reliable expert partners.

INITIATIVE. We believe that a 360-degrees campaign is not just a package of services, but an initiative outlook, willingness to think broader than the formats listed in the media brief. Such initiative and bonus ideas give birth to unique projects which would be impossible should the campaign be carried out strictly within the brief limits.

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